Success Stories

Digital IQ helps companies to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage multi-cloud environments, and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development.   Digital IQ’s strategies and architectures enable businesses to transform their IT service delivery to help them accelerate innovation and application delivery. Provided below are links to recent that Digital IQ has architected and implemented in large enterprise environments.

CI/CD, Automation and Everything as Code

  • Artifacts (Application Components) are ready for production in one week
  • Application provisioning and test durations were time reduced to minutes from weeks
  • Infrastructure test coverage was increased up to 90 %
  • Application Delivery efforts significantly decreased
  • All infrastructure is under version control
  • Application delivery via OpenShift and CI/CD
  • VMWare vRealize Automation
  • Services Delivery
  • Fully automated System provisioning and patch management 

Containers and Infrastructure as a Code


  • Average time for deploying a new OpenShift (Kubernetes) cluster and adding nodes to an existing cluster was reduced from 8 hours to 1.5 hours
  • The learning curve has lowered dramatically for the team, enabling more members of the team to provision new OpenShift environments
  • OpenShift Container installation process was automated and turned over to the Infrastructure Team for Day 2 Support, with normal IT operations
  • Configuration Errors were greatly reduced by leveraging Terraform configuration Automation

Automated Content Delivery Network

  • Smooth and stable and smooth IP TV streams
  • Network latency significantly decreased
  • Overall performance increased up to 200% while the number of cache servers was able to be decreased with the optimized network
  • All points of failures were eliminated with key components being at least n+1
  • The project had been implemented for three months, and all clients were migrated to this solution
  • CD Network costs were reduced by over $1.3 Million in the 1st year

Software Defined Network

Automated Software Defined Networking (SDN)  solution

  • Reduced support and implementation efforts/costs
  • Improved predictability of Virtual Network Services
  • Ability to orchestrate Virtual Network Functions
  • Automation of common Network Tasks
  • 100% test coverage